Regenerate life starting from agriculture

November 29, 2023 Arianna Hulshout / Cindy Van Dommelen
Regenerate life starting from agriculture
Show Notes

Developing robotics technology to improve agricolture may sound like a paradox, for it shakes the very foundations of one of the  oldest and most traditional industrial sector. However, thanks to our current guest at Greenvolution, we’ve found out it is possible to unite technology and deeply-grounded, on-the-fields (literally) expertise to realize what Pixelfarming calls “regenerative agricolture”. Its aim is simple and challenging at the same time: by using mathematics to increase food production and stop using chemical pesticides, Pixelfarming wants to grow food with nature instead of against nature. 

So, by combining mathemathical calculations and computer based technologies, the Pixelfarming crew can predict the most optimal conditions for crops and aim for the best harvest. Their story starts in 2017 as a small scale solution to improve, through extensive studies, the life cycle of plants. Over the years they have implemented their newly built machine, Robot one, in order to grow crops without using artificial chemicals. 

You can find them on or at In this episode of Greenvolution we had the pleasure to talk to Cindy Van Dommelen, the brand manager for Pixelfarming.

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