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Arianna Hulshout

Why “GREEN”? Because the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants is one of the core principles of our philosophy, embracing a Industry 5.0 oriented viewpoint.Technology, machines, human skills are the three pillars of the new industrial revolution, where the first two are the key factor underlying harmony and quality of life for the latter. Why “-VOLUTION”? Combined to “green”, it can be read as GREEN REVOLUTION or GREEN EVOLUTION, the wide-scale change which begins with small steps, allowing the dominant worldview to evolve. Everybody loves change but few are willing to take some steps to actually change. Practicing mindfulness and respect for the environment and the people around us, we can make small revolutions. Then, building on them, we’ll give our positive contribution to life on Earth, bringing forth the green consciousness evolution. Sticking to this principle, the protagonists of the podcasts presented here offer their everyday stories, big and small, about the efforts they made both as individuals and as companies, explaining how we can contribute to improve our future as citizens of the Earth.